Mother and Child (1895 - 1956) | Marc Chagall / Fernand Leger / Vincent van Gogh / Θεόφιλος Χατζημιχαήλ

M.C. Escher, Flor de Pascua - Madonna, 1921                     Augustin Tschinkel, Mother and Child, woodcut, 1936
Aubrey Beardsley, A Child at its Mother's Bed, 1895                                 Ted Faiers, Mother and Child. woodcut, 1952
Rolf Trolle, Mother and Child, 1915                        Milton Avery, Mother and Child, 1944
Egon Schiele, Mother and Daughter, 1913                      Egon Schiele, Mother and Child, 1914
* Pablo Picasso, Mother and son on the shore, 1902
** Pablo Picasso, Mother and child on the beach, 1902
Pablo Picasso, Drawing woman surrounded by her children, 1950
Pablo Picasso, Claude in the arms of his mother, 1948
Amedeo Modigliani, Seated Woman with Child (Motherhood), 1919
Amedeo Modigliani, Gypsy Woman with a Baby, 1919
Marc Chagall, Mother and child, 1956                                        Fernand Leger, Mother and child, 1955
Vincent van Gogh, Mother at the Cradle and Child Sitting on the Floor, 1881
Ο Θεόφιλος με τη μητέρα του                         Θεόφιλος Χατζημιχαήλ, Η Μάνα με το παιδί, 1933

1 σχόλιο:

    Picasso / Mother and Child / 1907
    Mere et enfant / 1907 / Eric Rohmer / Les rendez-vous de Paris / 1995



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