Old maps of the world (1537 - 1915)

Humorous Map of Europe, 1870
Paul Hadol, Humorous Map of Europe, 1870
Sebastian Munster, Europe, 1570                                         Sebastian Munster, Europe as Queen of the World, 1537
Heinrich Bunting, Clover Leaf Map, 1581                                                        Heinrich Bunting, Asia in the Form of Pegasus, 1581
Heinrich Bunting, Map of Europe shaped as a virgin, 1582
Meeting of the Atlantic and the Pacific, The Kiss of the Oceans, 1915

 Scotland, 1790

* These maps are from Geographical Fun, or Humorous Outlines of Various Countries, published by Hodder and Stoughton in 1869. The author, William Harvey writing under the pseudonym Aleph, created a series of twelve maps showing various countries as curious people in the great tradition of English caricaturists.

The idea behind the maps was taken from sketches drawn by a fifteen year old girl wishing to amuse her sick brother confined to bed. (....)

< Wales, 1869                   

Germany, 1869                                                       France, 1869
Italy, 1869                                                  Ireland, 1869
Holland & Belgium, 1869                                                              Denmark. 1869

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  1. https://gr.pinterest.com/pin/306878162079032095/
    The Histomap / John Sparks / 1931

    Alluvial maps of the Lower Mississippi River Valley / Harold Fisk / 1944



  2. https://pbs.twimg.com/media/B_hNGnEWwAAQIj5.jpg
    Draw a map to get lost / Yoko Ono / 1964



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