Flick Review < The Servant | Joseph Losey (1963)

“It’s very difficult to feel contempt for others when you see yourself in the mirror.” 
 Harold Pinter

Director:Joseph Losey
Writers: Harold Pinter (screenplay), Robin Maugham (novel)  -nephew of W Somerset Maugham
Stars: Dirk Bogarde, Sarah Miles, Wendy Craig
Sarah Miles, Joseph Losey and Dirk Bogarde on set in 1963                                   Joseph Losey with Dirk Bogarde on set of “The Servant”, 1963

* The soundtrack, by John Dankworth, includes the song "All Gone", sung by Cleo Laine, which is used repeatedly in the film.


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    Ε. Χ. Γονατάς / Η επίσκεψη / Οι αγελάδες / Πρώτη Ύλη / 1963



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