Letters & Portraits | Émile Bernard / Paul Gauguin (1888-1890)

 Émile Bernard, Self-Portrait with Portrait of Gauguin, 1888

To his friend and fellow painter Bernard, with whom he had developed Synthetism at Pont-Aven in the 1880s, Gauguin writes cheerfully:

"I just came back from Pont-Aven where I spent a few days with Filiger. Upon my return I found a letter from him. I received news of the death of Vincent [Van Gogh?]. 
There is nothing to say. On the back [of the sheet], my statue [referring to one of the drawings]. My kindest regards to Madeleine your little sister. Cordially yours"

Paul Gauguin 

Emile Bernard, Caricature of Paul Gauguin, 1889                    Paul Gauguin, Madeleine Bernard, 1888 
Lettre autographe signée de Paul Gauguin adressée à Emile Bernard, datant de juin 1890, Le Pouldu

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