The photographer Jean Reutlinger, 1891-1914

Jean Reutlinger, Germaine Schroeder & Jean Reutlinger, 1913
Jean Reutlinger, Germaine Schroeder & Jean Reutlinger, 1913
Jean Reutlinger, Poet Germaine Schroeder, 1913
Jean Reutlinger, Self-Portrait as St. Sebastian, 1913                                   Jean Reutlinger, Self-Portrait, 1911
Jean Reutlinger, La Belle Otero (Folies Bergère) 

The family of the Reutlingers, originating from Karlsruhe in Germany, began with Charles Reutlinger to establish a photographic studio after moving to Paris in 1850. In the following decades, especially under the directorship of his nephew Léopold, the Studio Reutlinger, Paris, Boulevard Montmartre 21, developed to one of the leading photo studios for portrait-photography of french high society, artists, actresses and dancers, i.e. Sarah Bernhardt, La Belle Otéro, Cléo de Mérode or Lina Cavalieri(...)

Jean Reutlinger, son of Léopold Reutlinger, worked as a photographer in his father's studio from 1910 on. He fell in battle World War I in 1914.

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