A pear | Edgar Degas, 1911

^ Edouard Manet, A young man peeling a pear (Portrait Of Leon Leenhoff), 1868

“I put it (a still life of a pear, made by Edouard Manet, ed.) there (on the wall, next to Ingres’ Jupiter, ed.), 
for a pear like that would overthrow any god.”

Edgar Degas

Édouard Manet, Basket of Pears, 1882 ^

Jupiter, of course the Jupiter,’ and he took me to see the picture “ not a very good Ingres, I thought ” good, of course, but somewhat tedious “ a Jupiter with beetling brows, and a thunderbolt in his hand. But next to it was a pear, and I knew that pear, just a speckled pear painted on six inches of canvas; it used to hang in Manet’s studio, six inches of canvas nailed to the wall, and I said to Degas, I think, after all, I like the pear better than Jupiter;’ and Degas said, ’ I put it there, for a pear painted like that would overthrow any god.’ There is a picture by Mr. Sargent in this room ” one of his fashionable women.

George Moore, Hail and Farewell: Vale, 1911

< Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres, Jupiter and Thetis, 1811

Edouard Manet, Portrait of George Moore, 1879

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  1. Nature morte aux poires / Still life with pears /Juan Gris / 1887-1927



  2. http://www.galerierigassi.ch/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2014/05/DH_Trois-poires-Ramatuelle-1982.jpg
    David Hamilton / Trois poires / 1982



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